With many years of experience working in the Engineering field, I have worked in many industries and areas. I am available to provide support to your engineering team. Some of the industries and positions I have worked in are listed in the tables below. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


  • Industries
  • Positions
Waste Water Treatment (Industrial and Municipal) Oil & Gas Extraction
Aerospace & Defense Paints & Solvent Use & Application
Nuclear Solvent Recovery/Recycling
Power Plant Chemistry Oil Recovery & Recycling
Laboratory Management & Analysis Metal Plating & Finishing
Flame Retardant Chemicals Nuclear Cleanup
Senior Project Manager Environmental Compliance, Permitting & Reporting Engineer
Program Manager Environmental Codes & Regulations Engineer
Budget & Cost Account Management Oversight Other Codes & Regulations (OSHA, Fire Safety, etc.) Engineering
Sales & Marketing Manager Waste Minimization and Chemical Use Reduction Engineer
RFP/RFQ Developer Manufacturing Construction
Process Optimization Engineer Manual & Procedure Development Writer
QA/QC Programs Manager/Oversight Facility Startup & Shutdown Engineer
Real Estate Acquisition & Sales – Licensed CA Real Estate Broker Feasibility Studies & Site Evaluation Engineer